Tell a comprehensive and unique story of your program success with COMSA Survey Builder. COMSA invites practitioners to develop outcomes measurements and skills assessment tools aligned with programming objectives, context, and learner populations.

COMSA also includes descriptions and links to external Skills for Success assessments to help you choose the most suitable tools for your measurement and reporting needs.


Using COMSA, You Will Get to

  • Build surveys and choose Skills for Success assessment tools aligned with your programs

  • Bring surveys online to implement a safe and secure data collection process with learners

  • View response rates in real time and monitor data collection progress

  • Download summary statistics that give a snapshot of your learners’ skills, employment status, other relevant outcomes, as well as a demographic profile of your learners

  • Enhance organizational capacity to provide outcome reporting to funders and other interested parties, demonstrating your program value


COMSA is Developed by the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC)

SRDC is a mission-driven, Canadian non-profit and charitable organization. Our mission is to ​help policy-makers and practitioners identify policies and programs that improve the well-being of everyone in Canada.

SRDC has over 30 years of experience providing high quality research and evaluation support to evidence-based decision making for federal or provincial government departments, foundations, and non-profit organizations. We work with diverse populations including immigrants, persons with disabilities, Indigenous populations, 2S/LGBTQ+ individuals and communities, newcomers, and racialized Canadians.

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This Project is Funded by the Skills for Success Program

The Skills for Success (SFS) program aims to help Canadians succeed in work, learning and life by teaching nine essential skills.

The SFS program works closely with provinces and territories to share proven training methods and develop new skills tools, with a focus on groups underrepresented in the workplace such as people with disabilities, Indigenous and racialized populations across Canada.

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